Friday, January 12, 2007

Old news (from the old site)

Slightly updated version of No Rest in Restaurants added. This track will probably change again later on - all tracks are works in progress, although some more than others. Right now we are working on a track called Claymore 64, which describes a 'near death' experience Martin had in Sri Lanka this summer. 64 civilians were killed in a bus by a double Claymore mine and many more wounded. More information will follow once we release the track.

Site updated with several new tracks, lyrics etc.

Forum site launched at MySpace. The feedback has been overwhelming. We are proud to say that we've made "friends" with Bauhaus, Nitzer Ebb, The Orb, Nince Inch Nails and other extremely talented bands. Check it out at

We have now been working six months on our new album. The working title is 'Face Work'. If all goes well, we will have everything ready 2006/2007. Hopefully we will be able to start touring soon after this.

Site launched.

stol is formed in Copenhagen.

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